Why You Struggle with Handling Feedback and How to Conquer It

The Psychology Behind Negative Feedback 

Have you ever found yourself holding back from giving feedback to a team member, fearing it might strain your relationship? Or, perhaps, you’ve been on the receiving end, where every piece of feedback feels like a personal attack? You’re not alone. For many professionals, feedback, whether giving or receiving, is a walk through a maze of emotions. 

Your business isn’t just about services and products. It’s deeply personal. When your brand is an extension of yourself, feedback can sometimes feel like a critique of your identity. Moreover, the industry is powered by relationships – with clients, suppliers, and team members. Hence, there’s a heightened fear that honest feedback might upset the balance of these relationships. 

However, here’s the game-changing truth: Feedback, when delivered effectively, can be a bridge to growth. It can lead to improved services, stronger team dynamics, and even open doors to innovative offerings you hadn’t previously considered.  


Shifting Perspective 

But how do we move from viewing feedback as a threat to embracing it as an opportunity? We start by understanding that the intent behind most feedback is positive. When someone takes the time to share their perspective, it’s often because they care about the success of your venture. 

Next, equip yourself with the right tools and skills to navigate these conversations. The Courageous Conversations masterclass, offered by our beauty academy, delves deep into the art of handling feedback. Through this masterclass, you’ll learn techniques to give constructive feedback and receive critiques with grace, turning them into actionable insights. 

Feedback is a gift, albeit sometimes in disguise. As an entrepreneur, harnessing the power of feedback can be your stepping stone to new heights of success.

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