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Business Starter Kit

Starting a business can be overwhelming, but our Business Starter Kit is here to guide you. This comprehensive tool will assist you in the following essential areas:

  • Learning how to handle client complaints well
  • Enhancing your business identity
  • Defining what makes your brand exceptional
  • Navigating how you give and receive feedback
  • Strategies for exceptional client service
  • Assembling and nurturing your dream team

Secure your kit now and acquire the essentials to building a solid foundation for your brand.

Employee Performance Template

If you’re struggling with performance in your businesswe have the answer.

We’re sharing our staff performance template and success plan structure, for you to be able to implement within your brand, for maximum productive and alignment of staff.

  • Provide clear job roles so everyone is clear on the expectations  
  • This document gives evidence for non performance
  • Use this data for pay rise decisions or to promote 
  • Shine attention on areas where your employee is growing

Grab your copy now to create your own performance appraisal.

SWOT Analysis Workbook

Elevate your business strategy with our SWOT Analysis Workbook, an essential tool for entrepreneurs across all industries. This comprehensive workbook is tailored for business owners who want to gain a deeper understanding of their brand’s position in the ever-changing business landscape.

  • Identify what makes your business stand out
  • Acknowledge areas needing improvement
  • Spot and seize potential growth areas
  • Prepare for external challenges

By dissecting each aspect of your business, you’ll gain the clarity and insight needed to make confident decisions. Get the SWOT Analysis Workbook now.

Brow Treatment Consent Form

Navigating client histories and ensuring safe, tailored brow treatments can be complex. Our Brow Treatment Consent Form Template simplifies this process, helping you avoid the pitfalls of uninformed procedures.

Customisable and easy to use, it’s a vital addition to your beauty toolkit, ensuring you’re fully informed about each client’s needs.

  • Gather essential information about medical history, allergies, and past treatments to ensure safe, personalised care.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to client safety and professionalism, enhancing your reputation and client relationships.
  • The template guides your treatment decisions, ensuring they align with client health and expectations.
  • Protect your practice legally with documented client consent and awareness of potential risks.

Download it now and take your treatment quality to the next level.

Courageous Conversations

Transparency, kindness, and courage are the three things you need if you want your business to have an atmosphere of healthy collaboration. But giving and receiving feedback can have its difficulties.  

That’s why we’ve created this printable, so you’ll have helpful pointers on how to properly engage and navigate these conversations.  

You can download this tool by clicking below. This will have you prepping and delivering tough conversation as an inspiring leader.  

What Makes You Unique

The beauty industry is extremely competitive. How can you set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd? Through your USPs (unique selling points).  

Through this E-Book, you will learn how to highlight the aspects of your beauty business that makes you special in terms of the value and experience that you offer.  

You can click the button below if you’re ready to put a spotlight on your uniqueness.  

Finding Top Talents

Behind every thriving beauty business is a dedicated team of talented individuals. To be the best, you must employ the best.  

Discover the secrets to finding and retaining top talents to work with you. Lead a brand of high achievers that foster a growth mindset.  

Download this to get proven tips for building a solid team. 

Handling Complaints

In such a very diverse trade where you deal with different individuals, knowing how to handle complaints in a timely and compassionate manner helps to maintain a positive reputation, build trust with clients, and create loyalty.  

Coming from seasoned beauty experts, this guide will teach you how to best handle any complaints.  

Be equipped with the right process to ease through these situations like a pro!