General FAQs

In order to get the BC Artist’s Certificate it will be required to achieve the BC standard and quality.

Submitting 10 case studies via via email for assessment. The submissions must be within 6 months of your course start date. We allow up to 2 resubmissions complimentary, should you not be given the golden tick on your first submission. If you need more support to pass then you can take a shadowing program or 1:1 coaching.

One certificate is supplied for each course. If you are ordering the course on behalf of an employee, please contact us via email and advise us of the employees name for the certificate.

After certification each BC Artist will be listed on the BC World Map at our official website.

If you’re new to the Beauty Industry, we recommend doing the Brow Mastery course and the Lash Lift & Tint course.

Our certificate will enable you to work within the industry as a business owner and is held very highly to employers if you are or want to be an employee. This certificate will also be used to obtain your professional insurance. At present our courses are not accredited, there is no requirement to be “nationally accredited” in order for someone to provide these services. For international students, it’s your responsibility to check with your respective Council, State Board of Cosmetology or other health regulations and guidelines to ensure you meet compliance standards.

Yes, we offer flexible interest free payment plans that can be set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

These courses are created for any artist, at any level. Whether you are a beginner looking for a career change to create that financial freedom, or an advanced artist wanting to refine, enhance, and master our secret techniques.

Each course may include some of the same products so have to ensure that each student has a complete understanding of the theory behind that product & the safe process. As Michael Jordan says – If you want to be an expert at something you have to have that repetition so the more you educate yourself with these materials the better.

That is really a personal preference but we have don’t a pro’s and cons list for you here. We hope this helps with your decision. The main thing it comes down to is these four things:

  1. How you learn
  2. Your budget
  3. Your location
  4. How much flexibility you have with time

Yes, we list all the products and where to find them.

Online FAQs

The more time you can commit to your reading and practise, the fast you will become a trusted artist. It’s recommended you put aside atleast 1 day per week until you get certified. An average time to complete all courses are about 2 to 3 months but if you dedicate more time to your education, we have seen people get through it in as little as a month.

At Bobbie Charles we want to do everything with commitment and results, and that doesn’t change with our students progress. To ensure you’re on track we created strategic assessments that are placed throughout the course. These assessments include multiple choice quiz’s, video submissions & model submissions.

You’ll also have access to Danielle and her Educators, as well as the tribe that have been where you are inside the Bobbie Charles Facebook group. We really do encourage any questions, celebrations or pain points in there. It’s such a supportive community.

All of Bobbie Charles Beauty Courses are in English, however you can use a third party to have it translated.

Our online courses are facilitated by our Head of Education and Founder Danielle Renee. They are also filmed with the highest quality visuals with repitition, so you can feel like you are in person but at a fraction of the cost.

We have hand picked the best of the best supplies after almost a decade of trialing and testing, so we highly recommend you get the kit with your course. If you don’t get the kit we will send you the list of items that are required for you training.

After you have used the supplies in your kit you are welcome to repurchase via our site to use you students discount code here. If you don’t already have a massage bed, chair & lighting please contact us and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Being awarded Australia’s Best in Customer Care by ABIA in 2022, we can ensure you that support means everything to us. This is why we are the only ones in Australia currently doing weekly live Q & A’s to support you throughout your training.During and after the course you will have unlimited access to the Bobbie Charles Academy Facebook Group where you can post questions. You will also connect with us there when we are posting tips and additional content to support your journey. If you feel like you need more support after the training you will have exclusive access to our shadowing programs to come and watch our team real time in Brisbane.

Like any industry there are cowboys out there and from the minute you get going into your training you will understand why. From the meticulous training techniques, the industry research, the trials and tests we do so you don’t have to and the top secrets we share. You will be mind blown. This is why our online courses come with a money back guarantee, because we are confident you will be ‘wowed’.

You have access to the online courses for 3-6 months. Please check the course details that you are enrolling for. We chose not do to lifetime access as we don’t want you to take a lifetime. We want you to really commit and succeed. In 6 months time you will be wanting to learn new techniques and the industry changes so fast, that we would have innovated with our education offering. Learn at your own pace, pause, rewind and go back to any part at any time during the training.

We don’t currently ship worldwide. If you have any concerns regarding your location please email us to confirm.

After you have purchased the course you will receive an email with your confirmation which outlines start date and next steps. Please ensure to check Junk/Spam folder once registered. If you have any issues please contact us via email.

In Person FAQs

During the course we will supply all products and tools needed to complete the course.

Yes, absolutely! That is what sets us apart. You just show up with your learners cap on and we take care of the rest.

Of course – If you have someone that wants to model for you get in touch with us via email and we can book them in. Models are required to pay a small fee. Model pricing can be found here.