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Virtual CEO is a hybrid program with a mix of private and group coaching sessions made for ambitious entrepreneurs in the hair and beauty industry. It is all about creating wealth and fulfilment.

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Private Business Coaching was designed to empower you with the knowledge to carve out your success in the business industry through personalized one-on-one coaching calls with Danielle.


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Whether you’re looking to enhance team productivity, streamline processes, or create a standout brand, our Half Day/ Full Day Bespoke Training ensures you achieve tangible results.


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Dare to Delegate is your ticket to building a high-performing team and scaling your business like never before. A game-changing course designed to help you, the overworked, overwhelmed over-achiever!

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Elevate your skills anywhere any time; and leave your mark in the industry. You will have both the beauty techniques and the business prowess to thrive in a competitive landscape with our Brows and Business.


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Our SWOT Analysis Workbook is for business owners who want to gain a deeper understanding of their brand’s position in the ever-changing business landscape.

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Our Performance template (KRA) and success plan were structured for you to be able to implement within your brand for maximum productivity and alignment of staff.


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Real Stories. Real Success.

Ambitious individuals have been through our programs. And the results? Well, they speak for themselves. Hear these real-life stories and who knows? Your success testimony might be right around the corner.

Shikya Clark
I just completed the 'Dare to Delegate' training course and LOVED it! The website was super easy to use, and the materials you receive with it were clear and have everything you need. Danielle really hit every aspect of delegation and I now feel confident that I can do it comfortably and be able to help myself and the team grow. 🚀
Satsuki IIDA
Coming into an industry that was brand new to me, the attention to detail that the BC Academy provided was very helpful. I received an abundance of information without feeling too overwhelmed, and learnt so much without feeling rushed.The trainers were all very kind and accomodating. I highly recommend the Bobbie Charles Academy if you want to take a leap into the beauty industry, or even to refresh your pre-existing knowledge and skills.
Joan Kong
The training I received from the Bobbie Charles Academy was honestly the best experience.The trainers were all so patient and knowledgeable, they taught me skills and gave me tips that I'll use throughout my career in the industry. Being so approachable made me feel very comfortable asking questions. They were always there to support and help me when needed which was very comforting.I would highly recommend the Bobbie Charles Academy if you're looking to step into the beauty industry.
Sarah Dennehy
The team of trainers at Bobbie Charles Academy were impeccable. After just completing a Diploma in Specialised Makeup, I was amazed at the education, attention to detail and knowledge from this team of educators. I went from knowing quite literally nothing about lashes and brows, to being completely booked out in a matter of months all thanks to the team!If you’re completely new to the industry or even just looking to up-skill, you must train through the BC Academy! I'm now confident in my ability to make people feel beautiful and I know I couldn’t have done it without the incredibly knowledgeable team guiding me along the way.
Renee Jeffs
I've been fortunate enough to have been trained by Danielle and the Bobbie Charles Academy team. The relationships they have fostered with industry professionals meant that all content was incredibly thorough and current. I felt so supported through every step of my training and believe my confidence today as a therapist comes from not only having the skills to be the best at my job, but also the skills I was taught to correct mistakes (as they inevitably happen).I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Bobbie Charles Academy to anyone searching for a comprehensive and hands-on training course in Brisbane.
Rebecca Hughes
Bobbie Charles really are industry leaders! From the moment I came onboard with Danielle and the brand, I knew my career and dreams were in THE best of hands.I started with Danielle back in 2017 with no experience in lashes / brows and no beauty industry experience. Danielle guided me from the very beginning on the techniques that are leading in the industry and the world. Her patience, passion, attention to detail and real care for me as not only an employee, but a friend really helped me excel in my lash and brow skill set.In 2018 Danielle assisted me in reaching a HUGE goal of mine, to become a Cosmetic Tattooist. The ongoing support and hype up from her when I was feeling very ‘fish-out-of-water’ has enabled me to grow and truly master my current skillset in the cosmetic tattoo world. I’ve been lucky enough to undertake 2 different in-person tattoo courses while with the brand, to ensure I am continuing to learn and stay ahead in an ever changing industry.After a short amount of time with Bobbie Charles, I was promoted to Clinic Manager where Danielle was an absolute powerhouse at coaching and mentoring me whilst I adapted to this role and learnt how to manage my time on and off the tools, different staff, clinic rostering and of course the highs and lows that come with being a leader.Danielle embodies everything she preaches, she truly is so inspirational both personally and professionally. Anyone who undertakes training with Bobbie Charles can expect to be nurtured and educated from a space of ’no secrets’ and wanting the absolute BEST for them and their career.Danielle is so passionate about the beauty industry and really wants to make a change in the level of service and education available to those wanting to start their career in the best industry around - beauty! Highly recommend! 10/10!
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