Shadowing Program

Bobbie Charles Academy Shadowing Program

Our Shadowing Program is your fast lane to success, designed to support you in your beauty career, giving you access to our award-winning team and their wealth of knowledge.

You can choose between a half day or full day of shadowing, in the areas of lash & brow, skin & dermal therapies, or cosmetic nursing.

You’ll get real life insight and invaluable knowledge from working behind the scenes at Bobbie Charles alongside our experts in their respective fields.

Our Shadowing Program is ideal if you want to:

  • Observe patient treatments from start to finish
  • Learn effective consultations to gain trust with patients
  • Build your knowledge on legislation and sanitisation
  • Gain knowledge on how to provide exceptional results
  • Learn how to manage client expectations with realistic expectations
  • Develop successful sales skills and client retention strategies
  • Learn safe injection zones and how to minimise complications (cosmetic injecting)

Get answers in a safe space and discuss areas you need support in to evolve in your career and open new doors!

Upon completion, you’ll get a certificate of attendance to show your dedication to advancing your career, helping you get your foot in the door within the beauty industry.

*Once you purchase the program, the team will be in touch to book in a date!