Virtual vs. In-Person Learning: Weighing Up the Pros and Cons for Beauty Courses 

In an era of rapid technological advancement, beauty industry education has seen a significant shift. Traditional in-person learning and flourishing virtual courses now co-exist, providing a wider range of options for upgrading your beauty skills.

Does the flexibility and affordability of online education match your style? Or do you fare better with the personal interaction and immediate feedback of face-to-face learning? Is online learning just as effective as in person? Which is best for me?

To discover the best fit for you, we’ve done the legwork to compare the two! Read on to compare virtual learning to in person learning and see which style aligns best with your personal needs, circumstances, and career aspirations in the beauty industry.  


Virtual/Online Learning – The Pro’s 

  • Ideal if you aren’t located locally to the training institute. 
  • Ability to study at your own pace or with flexibility of study times. 
  • Considerably cheaper training than in-person. 
  • Learn from the Q & A’s of a larger group in Zoom. 
  • Feedback given after strategic assessments. 
  • Study from the comfort of your own home. 
  • Replay tutorials whenever you want while you have the access. 
  • Extensive training workbook: yours to keep for life.

Virtual/Online Learning – The Con’s  

  • You must arrange your own training models. 
  • No guidance from our educators in real time, face-to-face. 
  • Takes longer than in person training, so you won’t be trading as fast. 
  • You will need to be self-motivated to keep up momentum. 

In-Person Learning – The Pro’s 

  • Get face-to-face with our master educators and trainers. 
  • Fast tracked learning to start trading sooner. 
  • Intimate classes capped at 4 students per trainer. 
  • Extensive training workbook: yours to keep for life. 
  • Training models are organised for you during the course. 
  • Ask the experts questions on the spot as they occur. 
  • Feedback given during and after strategic assessments. 
  • Up close and birds eye view, from wherever you want to stand to see all the action. 
  • Feel the support and the energy of our trainers. 
  • Supervised learning, so bad techniques and habits are picked up immediately. 
  • Inspiration and motivation by being surrounded by likeminded individuals.

In-Person Learning – The Con’s  

  • Only an option if the training institute is local to you. 
  • Course fees are considerably more expensive than virtual/online courses. 
  • Dates aren’t flexible due to trainer schedules. 
  • Training is usually scheduled multiple days in a row, requiring you to block out days from work.

Choosing between virtual and in-person learning depends largely on your personal needs, circumstances, and preferred learning style. Both methods offer unique advantages and have certain limitations. The key is to consider what works best for you.

Still on the fence and unsure which way to go? Don’t worry. Get clarity with a complimentary discovery call with our team. 


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