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The Importance of a Mentor

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and aesthetics, having a mentor is like having a secret weapon.

At Bobbie Charles Academy, our mentorship and training programs are designed to provide the guidance, industry insights, and support you need to succeed. Imagine having a seasoned industry expert by your side, offering practical advice, best practices, and valuable networking opportunities. In this blog we share ways you can get our support to help you decide which program is best for you. Read more

Why SWOT Analysis Matters for Your Beauty Business

Ready to transform your beauty business into a thriving powerhouse? Dive into a world where your brand strengths shine, weaknesses become opportunities, and threats are mere stepping stones to success. Read more to learn about SWOT Analysis and how you can make use of this essential strategy.

The Month in Review: October Highlights

We’ll talk about the ups and downs of Danielle’s Bali working holiday in October’s review. Join us as she dissects the pros and cons of remote work, content creation, and crucial business learnings. Read more.

Pricing Strategies

Setting the correct prices can make or break profitability. Here are some proven strategies for determining a competitive and profitable pricing of brow services. Read more.