Brow and Lash Training


Your eyes aren’t the only focal point of the face… did you know they are the centre of the beauty industry! Lash & brow products and treatments are currently the most profitable segment in the industry with a contribution of nearly $2 billion in the market. So, it only makes sense why becoming a Lash & Brow Artist is a brilliant career opportunity. If you’re a beauty enthusiast who swoons over beauty looks on Instagram, then this thriving industry might just be calling!

Here’s our top 3 reasons that make beauty the industry so rewarding:

1. You build relationships for life.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being in the beauty industry is being to create meaningful relationships. A successful career demands far more than technical expertise; it’s about compassion and effective communication skills, where you understand your client’s needs and execute them. You really get to hold space for people, so if nurturing others is something you enjoy, we think you’ll have a natural gift and will build client trust easily.

2. You never stop evolving.

Whether you’re keeping yourself educated with the latest technologies or researching the newest industry trends, you literally never stop learning. You’re also evolving personally as your treat clients, as you meet so many clients from different walks of life. You realise things along the way that you probably wouldn’t have if you weren’t constantly pushing yourself in such a competitive industry such as the beauty industry.

3. You get to explore your creativity.

Lash & brow studios are popping up all over the place! Let your creative side run loose and showcase new looks to have people in awe! Working in the beauty industry, you get to unleash your creativity while working with your clients to create a memorable portfolio.

It’s time to put your gifts to use. Sign up for our courses and kickstart your career. Learn from our award-winning trainers with just under a decade of knowledge.